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Some situations involving equine injury or disease can be serious. Veterinary advice can assist in guiding prompt and appropriate help and so minimise the risk of serious or life threatening complications. Please call the office for advice if you are presented with

  • Signs of abdominal pain, rolling or flank watching  particularly when found at morning stables. 
  • Bleeding following a wound,  or coming from your horse's nose. 
  • Non-weight bearing lameness.
  • Wounds and penetrating skin injury that is close to a joint or near the eye. 
  • Choking, with saliva and food material present at the  nostrils.
  • Wobbly ataxia, abnormal stiffness and abnormally dark coloured urine. 
Providing key  information helps guide you to the right advice when you call.
  • The location of the horse, postcode and directions for access. 
  • Contact information for the owner/responsible person.
  • A description of the problem, including photos or videos can be emailed. 

No Visit Fee!

NO visit fee when 5 or more clients arrange a shared visit at the same location.

More flexible than a zone visit, terms and conditions apply

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