Annual Health Care Plan

Annual Preventative Health Care Plan

When it comes to horses we always have to expect that at times things may not go according to plan. However there are many preventative measures we can take to keep our equine friends in the best possible health. We have designed an Annual Health Care Plan that covers the routine checks that we recommend for your horse. Throughout the year you will be contacted when an appointment or sample is due and advised of any results or follow up treatment. For Routine Yard Visits or Clinic Visits there will be no visit fee.

Inclusions in your horses annual care plan are:

  • General Health Check
  • Quarterly Faecal worm egg counts and your own worm control pack
  • Flu Vaccine Booster 
  • Routine dental rasp 
  • Digital weight check (only available for clients that book a clinic appointment)
  • Nutritional Advice
  • An invitation to our educational client evenings
  • Special inclusive price of £99 that covers your horses routine health care for a whole year!

Joe Antal MRCVS will be discussing Preventative Health Care at our next education client evening, find our more information here.

Please note that where sedation is required for dentistry this is not included. Any follow up treatment, medication or examinations are not included. Price excludes VAT.