Kevin Corley

Kevin Corley
Kevin Corley BVM&S BSc (Vet Sci) MS PhD DACVIM DACVECC MRCVS Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine and Critical Care

Kevin Corley works as an independent specialist consultant in internal medicine and critical care in the main breeding and racing area of Ireland. Kevin is a director of Veterinary Advances Ltd, the leading publisher of Apps for veterinarians. Dr Corley graduated from Edinburgh University, and has since completed an internship and PhD in London, a residency in Virginia, USA and was on faculty at the Royal Veterinary College in London for 5 years. Kevin is a diplomate of the American Colleges of Veterinary Internal Medicine and Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, and of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine. He is recognised as a veterinary specialist in Ireland, the UK and the USA. Kevin is well known for his work to advance the critical care of both adult horses and foals, and he is a co-editor of the recent book, The Equine Hospital Manual.

Kevin works to support his colleagues in the areas of internal medicine, ultrasonography and critical care. Services offered include phone or email advice, examination of horses at your clinic or your clients premises, or admission of your clients horses to their choice of three of the top hospitals in Ireland.

Below: Heart Ultrasound. A colour flow Doppler ultrasound showing infection in the aortic valve of the heart causing blood to leak backwards.

Legal Profession / Industry Service

Expert witness. Dr Corley has acted as an expert witness and provided expert advice for lawyers and solicitors in an number of different jurisdictions. Particular expertise is in foal medicine, the use of drugs in horses and in internal medicine.

Pharmaceutical companies. Dr Corley has provided support to pharmaceutical companies in a number of different areas. These include providing expertise to support applications for or amendments to Marketing Authorisation, investigation of adverse reactions and provision of educational or marketing materials.

Insurance companies. Dr Corley has worked with several insurance companies to provide a clinical opinion or second opinion on horses insured by them.