Insurance Processing & Claims Management

Owning a horse can often mean no two days are ever the same, horse insurance is important when preparing for the unexpected.  Cheshire Equine Clinic offers a personalised insurance claim tracking service to closely monitor progress and processing of any insurance claim we deal with.  When the time comes that you need to make a claim on your Insurance policy, there are some key things you need to ask your Insurance Company to ensure you will be covered:

  • Are there any exclusions on your policy?
  • Is this the first claim you are making? (If not check the past condition has not been exempt from your policy)
  • Do you require a continuation form for existing policies?

It is the responsibility of the owner/keeper of the horse to track monetary value.

What we need from you

  • Policy holder documents and details.
  • Insurance claim form. (Continuation form if applicable)
  • We need to know if this is the first time your horse has been treated for the condition.
  • Monetary limit remaining.

The Tracking Process of an Insurance Claim

  • Claim form arrives at the practice when horse is first examined.
  • The completed claim form, relevant invoices and veterinary reports are sent to the insurance company.
  • The insurance company may then request a full history for the horse.
  • The insurance company will then send us remittance advice detailing the insured proportion and the excess portion to be paid by the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Insure My Horse?

After buying a home or a car, a horse can be one of the most expensive purchases that many people make. Many of us protect our home and cars with insurance so why would a horse be any different?

What Insurance Do I Need?

For most horse owners, insurance for death, theft and legal liability is important. In addition to this your veterinary fees can be just as important, many owners choose more comprehensive policies that cover all of the above.

What Is Excess?

An excess amount is your contribution to the costs and may vary with insurance companies. Some set a fixed fee while others set a percentage of the fees.

What Does Permanent loss Of Use Mean?

“Permanent” means forever. Permanent loss of use therefore means the insured horse can never again be used for any one of the activities you have insured it for. To include “Loss of use” on your policy an increased premium would be applied. The horse is usually branded with a freeze mark.

What Are Continuation Claim Forms? 

Please check with your insurance company if they require a continuation from to be completed each time your horse is examined for the same condition. If so please bring a continuation form with you.

Why Do I Keep Receiving Invoices When My Horse Is Insured?

If you are waiting for settlement of a claim please do not worry that you will continue to receive monthly invoices from us until the claim is settled and the balance is cleared. Please remember you are responsible for your excess and other charges relating to hospital stays and these require settlement within 14 days.