Stud Medicine

Stud Medicine

 Individual assessment of each horse and tailored services to meet your needs.  Providing excellent pregnancy rates and offering a comprehensive range of associated breeding services.

Mare Services

  • Fresh Semen Artificial Insemination - Semen is collected on site for immediate insemination of the mare.  
  • Chilled Semen Artificial Insemination - Semen is collected & shipped for insemination within 24 hours.  For UK or Europe based stallions. 
  • Frozen Semen Artificial Insemination - Frozen semen is shipped & stored at the clinic until the time of ovulation when it is thawed & the mare inseminated.  Timing is crucial with frozen semen, a number of scans are required near the point of ovulation. Preparation for Natural ServicePre-breeding swabs & blood samples, scanning to the point of natural service & post service treatments. 
  • Embryo Transfer - A donor mare is inseminated by any of the above methods & then the uterus flushed around 7 days later to recover an embryo.  The embryo is implanted in a recipient mare who carries the foal.  
  • Infertility Investigations
  • Fetal Sexing

Stallion Services

  • Semen Collection - For fresh insemination or shipping chilled within the UK.
  • Breeding Soundness Examinations 
  • Storage of Frozen Semen 
  • Dry Shipper for Hire - For transporting frozen semen.

Eden Equine Fertility is a BEVA accredited practice for frozen, chilled & fresh semen inseminations.  BEVA recognises practices that have completed additional AI training & attend regular refresher days.  Clients can be confident that we maintain up-to-date knowledge of AI procedure, legislation & mare management.